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четверг, 2 июля 2015 г.

Gacha show with Consignment

Another month and another Star story! This time its Creatorof Consignment - Wavie Haller! He came to be our guest for an hour and tell us all we want to know! Promised to be maximum opened to anything. Aaaand he was! It was really fun! 
I thought it would be interesting to get back in time and look on what we have from Consignment. so here is Consignment Flickr Group link and Wavie personal Flickr page where he puts out his newest creations! 
Lets get started!   
Today Gacha show stage is decorated with Consignment items only! We can see lots of gacha He made for us!

[Con.] Fossil Hunter – Bag; [Con.] Fossil Hunter - T-Rex RARE; [Con.] Planter's Habitat - Bike Planter; [Con.] The Brain of a Linden Jar; [Con.] Planter's Habita

And people who are true fans of his special and stylish creations gathered here to listen to their idol. And ask Him some questions! 

Consignment fans waiting for their idol
So different people with so different style found themselves in love with rustic and a little bit eclectic and gothic decorations of Consinment. And are deeply interested what He brought today as an exclusive gift to His true fans. But his would be in the end. 

Consignment fans waiting for their idol
And here He comes! 

Wavie Haller, creator of Consignment
Hendrix Portal looks around... okay have that, have that, have that, need that, have like 8 of those.....
Wavie Haller: haha
Lin (tin.piek): waves to Peri!
Wavie Haller waves to peri too
Sunny Difference: you guys have pizza over there O.O
Sunny Difference: cool
Sunny Difference: throw some to us too haha
Wavie Haller: it can be yours for 5L
ZaideeFrost: lol
Alisa Farshore: it is kind of small
Wavie Haller: fine, 3L a slice
Alisa Farshore: we might all be lucky to get a crumb
COOLAIR Frostbite: my question is whats my question is lol
Morbid Templar: Wavie will be totaly open wih us today to any questions
Wavie Haller: sure am. do your worst
Luke Templar (lucius.templar): even questions from me?
Luke Templar, Gachatopia owner
COOLAIR Frostbite: lol
Wavie Haller: im not marrying you Дuke
Hendrix Portal: I am going to play nice today
Sangi Phaeton: well not Luke...sigh
Hendrix Portal: I warned you, Wavie, just sayin
Sangi Phaeton: you can't GIVE him aways Morbid
Luke Templar (lucius.templar): damnit.... my reputation preceeds me
Morbid Templar: ok guys. lets get started. Welcome to Gacha show. tody we got Wavie Haller, the creator of wonderful items we all love so much. I promise it would not be painful Wavie.
Wavie Haller quit looking at my butt: I already feel like youve complimented me enough for the whole show
Morbid Templar: Its gonna be an hour of complimetns. People gonna do it all the way on.
Morbid Templar: What was first item u made? as i remember it was half truck or something. and Jars
Wavie Haller: i think it was :) i was doing shoes then and the gacha was just an added bonus incase the shoe sales tanked hard
Hendrix Portal: loves that cobbler set
Wavie Haller: yeah i did 3 mens shoes, sorry <3
Luke Templar (lucius.templar): i loved those shoes. i bought them all!

Wavie Haller and Morbid Templar
Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): When did you come to SL. When did u discover it?
Wavie Haller: brb i need to check my start date in the profile. 2006!
Luke Templar (lucius.templar): you old geezer you
Wavie Haller: it was on the news here, probably some weird pervy story but i saw it and wanted to join to make boats. i have about 3 million half finished boats that i couldnt ever texture to finish them, or find a scripter like Fiona. everyone needs a Fiona!
Hendrix Portal: no wonder I couldn't find a good boat when I needed one
Morbid Tamplar: Boats are a specific thing to do. So you are solty... Some kind of a sea man?
Luke Templar (lucius.templar): ((Morbid asks Wavie if he is salty)) 
Shari Cortes: I thought you were gonna lick him!
Wavie Haller: I dont even know why boats, it seemed hard to do at the time and i love the movie JAWS so i wanted to build the orca. but talent stopped me haha. do you want to be flooded by boats?say the word and your wish is my command
COOLAIR Frostbite: yesss
Kimmie Banufong: wow
Hendrix Portal: BOATS
Sangi Phaeton: oh my....
COOLAIR Frostbite: boat boat. hehehe

Wavie Haller: you couldnt sound less excited by boat gachas
Luke Templar (lucius.templar): morbid does not come to boats. boats come to morbid.
Morbid Templar: that is a funny joke from last gacha show. thank 
u Luke
Kimmie Banufong: lol
Morbid Templar: What else u do in SL?
Wavie Haller: i did once own a terrible fashion agency though
Sunny Difference: they need boats too?
Wavie Haller: nope, nothing like that but the pleasure of taking bad pics of weird models
Akiko Thursday: Ha!
COOLAIR Frostbite: put some models on a boat. hahahaha
Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): When did you create your brand?
Wavie Haller: Valiant was the first brand i had in 2007 i think, it was mens clothing and that lead to sacred skins when i got bored. Then to entente, and working freelance on other clothing stores and then i got bored as always and went back to wavie to start consignment :)
Morbid Templar: Its so hard to find good cloth for man in SL. i totally into it right now. because of Luke. Why u stopped?
Wavie Haller: one word
Wavie Haller: RIGGING!. You dont have to rig furniture
Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): What was the vision for Consignment?
Wavie Haller: the vision though was just to make the stuff i liked, which is vintage american mostly
Morbid Templar: What about your store?
Wavie Haller: you cant walk in my store for long before you walk into a truck or two
Morbid Templar: The second gacha u made – I am sitting next to – The archeologist gacha
Wavie Haller: Yeah, thats the one

Peri (perissa.caproni): Love that set
Wavie Haller: I think Pizza saw the skulls and cauldron i made for an event a month or two before that and invited me to the arcade based 
on those
Luke Templar (lucius.templar): starts humming 
the indiana jones theme song. Dah dah dah dahhhhhh
Morbid Templar: I got u on tag because of that. Wanted to see the dark side of u. u definetely 
got it!
Wavie Haller: once again, your wish is my command
Wavie Haller: Tegan is yelling at me to mention that i hadnt even seen indiana jones when i made the arcade!
Hendrix Portal: i can't believe anybody who didn't watch Indiana Jones does exist! 
COOLAIR Frostbite: ooo dark boats !
Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): What so far, has been your best selling product?
Wavie Haller: I think it was the backyard cinema set i did. and Half a truck. well remembered, i had forgotten the event already. haha

COOLAIR Frostbite: Seasons story
Hendrix Portal: didn't you get a bunch of Ims asking where the other half of the truck was?
Wavie Haller: how rude!

Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): What aspect of creating product in SL is the most fun for you?
Wavie Haller: I definitely prefer texturing, I consider myself a 2d artist that can rez a few cubes in maya
Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): I also know you do collaborate much. what part of that you like? 
Wavie Haller: Annd here comes the dirt <3
Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): oh, we want to hear that too!
Wavie Haller: Only kidding, I do love to collab though, especially with tegan. She is far better than she will ever admit to being and she's easy to work with when she's not fussy with me
Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): Who are some people you have collaborated with? lets remember... Checky pea, Florplan
ƧΉΛЯI ΣIПΣЯ-ӨЯƬΣƧ (shari.cortes): Clemm
Wavie Haller: Entente was a collab with 2 guy stores, that was the first, Then it went onto a store named Cheeky Pea and since then, Floorplan & Kuro and i think Dust Bunny soon too. i should really try to collab with contraption. half of sl think i am that guy anyway. or conair, anything with con in it
Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): How u start your work?
Wavie Haller: I usually think of something then write it down and try find reference on google or pinterest. but if that fails like the truck bed etc, then ill just go and make it free hand
Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): Where do you get your ideas from primarily?
Wavie Haller: my backstory is if itd look good in a desert rusted, its a winner
Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): You concentrate on the store or events more?
Wavie Haller: yeah i get burned out a lot lately, which is usually when i just close up shop and run away to do something else in sl. Yeah you cant debate that really, any store that even attempts to release in their main store only does it for a month till they notice their sales sucked that month. I'm trying to cut back on them but you cant win either, because they are still the best way to make money by a mile. 
Sunny Difference: the events create huge pressure, for us the buyers, so i can imagine for the creators
Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): Less creators now can live from event to event wih schedule.
Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): Do you play gachas?
Wavie Haller: i hadnt even been to the arcade until my store was invited tbh. But now i play them just to be able to throw the stuff on friends
Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): Are there any gacha machines from fellow creators you have played or collected? Have u even tried to get the whole set? U feel the struggle? Are you wih us?
Luke Templar (lucius.templar): or against us....
Wavie Haller: No i would rather go get a mcdonalds, then nap
Luke Templar (lucius.templar): lmao
Wavie Haller: I feel bad when someone drops a tonne of money in my machine, so i will try to im and offer them what they are chasing
COOLAIR Frostbite: #the golden arches
zαιdee ғroѕт мαcαвre  (zaideefrost): awwwwwwwwwww
Wavie Haller: unless i see, owner of xyz gacha sale, then i laugh and buy 2 mcdonalds <3

Second half an hour traditionaly belongs to fans' questions. 

ƧΉΛЯI ΣIПΣЯ-ӨЯƬΣƧ, Akiko Thursday and others

Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): Hello Hendrix, welcome to the Gacha Show! What is your question?
Hendrix Portal waves: After clothing, skins and decor, where do you think yuou'll go from here? Vehicles perhaps?
COOLAIR Frostbite: boats lol
Wavie Haller: haha
zαιdee ғroѕт мαcαвre  (zaideefrost): He did make a boat!
Hendrix Portal: I have it lol
Wavie Haller: I will probably go back in a circle and do clothing again, especially if anyone here is willing to rig them
Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): For man?
Wavie Haller: yes
Delicate Flower (awylder1): wavie is going to bring the man-thong back.
Luke Templar (lucius.templar): Hey, that's not the question you said you'd be asking....
Hendrix Portal: Morbid asked mine and I like Wavie so I skipped the other one
Wavie Haller: hahah
Alisa Farshore giggles and looks at his bare feet
Fiona Haworth: Wavie doesn't even like SL shoes
Ravolution Everheart (ravolution): ikr! lol
Wavie Haller: let it just sink in
Alisa Farshore: no Wavie is
Hendrix Portal: he's always barefoot
Luke Templar (lucius.templar): no i am wearing wavie's shoes!
Fiona Haworth points to his feet
Jennie Darkrose: What's wrong with bare feet?
Wavie Haller: yeah i used to do shoes for entente, and they always sold well so thats a possibility. id say ispachi are better at that, but he just closed so thats no good
Hendrix Portal: you're going to turn me into the Imelda Marcos of SL if you make shoes again!

Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): Hello Akiko, welcome to the Gacha Show! What is your question?
Akiko Thursday: Oh hihi! Same Q as always, which you've already partially answered
Wavie Haller: Ill try answer it better this time then
Akiko Thursday: What software and hardware do you prefer? And how did you come to them?
Delicate Flower (awylder1): hahhaha this is a good question 
Wavie Haller: I have maya and my old trust photoshop cs2 that runs on coal and best wishes
Akiko Thursday: cs2!!
Wavie Haller: cs2 is the best photoshop of all time
Hendrix Portal: it's obviously still working well for you
Akiko Thursday: love it
Wavie Haller: its a dinosaur now but it was the first one i bought and havent ever updated it
Akiko Thursday: Take that, Adobe!
Wavie Haller: haha. It would be nice to have the 3d texturing but i just hate change, Cs2 is the most user friendly one they ever made

Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): Hello ƧΉΛЯI ΣIПΣЯ-ӨЯƬΣƧ, welcome to the Gacha Show! What is your question?
Ravolution Everheart (ravolution): i thought morbid was gonna say "now lets get to our next caller" like its QVC or HSN
ƧΉΛЯI ΣIПΣЯ-ӨЯƬΣƧ (shari.cortes): HI guys and THANKS!! for the show today. Hi Wavie, when you have an idea does it then spawn into loads of little baby ideas too or do you stick with the one idea then move on to more projects........I ask because of some of hte fantastic sets you have brought out nad wonder if they started with one idea or a set from the start?
Wavie Haller: Hey Shari :) Yeah that's pretty much how it goes most of the time :) If thats not the process then it will start with 3 or 4 items and go from there and if i struggle, i'll beg my friends for more ideas
ƧΉΛЯI ΣIПΣЯ-ӨЯƬΣƧ (shari.cortes): cool, I love the backyard sets so much  so thats how I came up with the Q :)
Wavie Haller: There's been a few times too like the last arcade set that one friend came up with the entire idea but mostly it happens how you said it
Wavie Haller: Oh cool, Ty :) The backyard set started with the truck. Yeah inspiremeannie resident did, The Central park theme
ƧΉΛЯI ΣIПΣЯ-ӨЯƬΣƧ (shari.cortes): I have  blog Garden and those items never leave it while the rest changes like madit

Hendrix Portal
Wavie Haller: hendrix imd me the dirty questions instead
Morbid Templar: Why u did not say it to all of us?! 
Luke Templar (lucius.templar): He did! but he didn't ask it!
Sunny Difference: ᴴᵃᴴᵃ-ᴴᵃᴴᵃᴴᵃ
Hendrix Portal: I was *supposed* to ask where Wavie shops for boyparts.
Luke Templar (lucius.templar): he didn't say boyparts in his IM
Wavie Haller: he sure didn't
Hendrix Portal: since he did snreak adult animations into Arcade. which btw surprised a lot of people and made a run on the blankets lol
Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): ok where did you get your penis?
Wavie Haller: I dont actually pixel pump im afraid, Sorry to burst your bubble Luke. BUT. 
Sunny Difference: there is always a BUT
Luke Templar (lucius.templar): i like pixel pump... never heard it called that before
ƧΉΛЯI ΣIПΣЯ-ӨЯƬΣƧ (shari.cortes): he is wearing a penis in his profile picture
Jennie Darkrose: Lies!
Wavie Haller: I do own an unboxed penis from that one big store, a friend sent me it as a jokey game in which she sent me the penis she thought resembled my rl one most, aka circumsized or not. Needless to say that friend is no longer a friend
MJ Zaurak gasps!
ƧΉΛЯI ΣIПΣЯ-ӨЯƬΣƧ (shari.cortes): next q is how did she know what your RL one looked like..............
ƧΉΛЯI ΣIПΣЯ-ӨЯƬΣƧ (shari.cortes): rofl
Luke Templar (lucius.templar): hahahahahaha
MJ Zaurak: aki!
Wavie Haller: Nah i was her friend for a year or so longer but still, shes a weirdo
Hendrix Portal supports the uncut population, amen
Jennie Darkrose: Would she know what your RL penis would look like?
MJ Zaurak: lolz
Wavie Haller: hahah
Peri (perissa.caproni) cracking up
Wavie Haller: i take back everything i said, shes lovely <3
Sassypants Writer: I have a penis i can give you
MJ Zaurak: only at the gacha show!
Delicate Flower (awylder1): My favorite new quote, "Clearly, Wavie is open for anything..."
Wavie Haller: Ty kindly sassypants for the penis <3
Akiko Thursday: 8==D

Wavie Haller, creator of Consignment
Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): Hello ᴅᴀɴᴛᴇ uʟᴅᴀяᴍᴀɴɴ, welcome to the Gacha Show! What is your question?
ᴅᴀɴᴛᴇ uʟᴅᴀяᴍᴀɴɴ (dante.uldarmann): Hi Wavie! I was wondering, how did you come up with that profile picture?
Luke Templar (lucius.templar): this is officially the show where we made morbid say penis more than 5 times
Wavie Haller: You can blame the owner of RACK though, She's a terrible influence and made me use that profile pic to promote her store for the foreseeable future
Ami Tamura: such a sophisticated show XP
Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): what are you working at now?
Wavie Haller: I have Fameshed coming next, Then itll be c88 and Uber. Those are the main three to look out for
Wavie Haller: And i will buy a penis and call it hendrix, in his honour. Dont pretend like you dont know. 
Luke Templar (lucius.templar): dont get any ideas morbid
Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): And then it would be TAG. we gonna see you there. it would be Halloween and everyone would show their dark sides.
Wavie Haller: cross your fingers for me
Peri (perissa.caproni): go american gothic
COOLAIR Frostbite: scaary boats!
Wavie Haller: its hard to surprise anyone with a penis remote but ill try
COOLAIR Frostbite: lol
Delicate Flower (awylder1): make dick remotes in a variety of colors, ok
zαιdee ғroѕт мαcαвre  (zaideefrost): famous serial killers >.>
ƧΉΛЯI ΣIПΣЯ-ӨЯƬΣƧ (shari.cortes): hahahah Wavie
Ami Tamura: haunted boats!
Wavie Haller: ooh
ƧΉΛЯI ΣIПΣЯ-ӨЯƬΣƧ (shari.cortes): killer remotes
Wavie Haller: if you dont get anyone ill come back for the after dark version
Peri (perissa.caproni): hahha sounds like me
Morbid Templar (morbid.deceit): Thank you Wavie

Wavie Haller and Morbid Templar

And now this is the moment to see an exclusive gift Wavie presented to all of us! 

[Con.] Nautical Shelf for The Gacha Show

LISP - Mesh -Maria Chair - Paisley
*[MeshedUp]*_Vintage Suitcase Table
[Con.] Nautical Shelf for The Gacha Show
Stockholm-Bedroom Painting 02
Stockholm-Bedroom painting 01
*[MeshedUp]*_Vintage Couch
MishMish - German Shepherd sitting
sweet home
Hideki - Amp
Stockholm-Headphones (decor)
oyasumi / wood wall shelf
HPMD* Wooden Owl - green (CJP 1st Anniversary Gift)
{vespertine} record showcaseshelf
.:revival:. camp stool
=EliBaily= Skybox
trompe loeil - lamps (Gacha)
BALACLAVA!! Camden Room Divider (Linen Ice)
Rug - Kalopsia - Madame shae dee the medium (TAG gacha April)
Cat collection - Lassitudeennui - The quirk and Co (TAG gacha April)

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