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понедельник, 5 октября 2015 г.

One year round

It all began one autumn day on 24 of September 2014. it was not our first home, mine and Mozz, but it was our first own home. before that we live in the house on tiny 50 prims to rezz stuff enough in inventory to full the whole sim. LOL. and we got just it - 50 tiny impossible prims. it was at Otium. our first casual home. 

And one day it was enough. so we moved. to 300 prims on Topolina. not toooo much increasing but at least something. comparable to last very pleasant something. at so it began! era of creativity. continuing till this day. one year already.

Our first home was huge. who once lived on 15 square meters of space will understand this greedy desire to have MOOORE space! 

We got 4 rooms filled with everything we ever wanted to rezz! all MishMish, Pilot and Second Spaces collections, all beloved items never had enough space to put out! crazy pleasure to watch it all at once! and to move without hitting the walls ;)))

And of course first try to decorate space inside and outside witch Mozz loves the most! 

Our next idea came with Ionic House in October. autumn still was light and young. same the house.
 that was first landscape making attempt. 
and appeared to be amazing one!

We recreate it in late autumn. and met Samhain in all its glory with everything we got!

Late autumn means brown leaves, going down and lie everywhere. 
and of course something comfortable to sit on

And then Samhain came. bringing first Tag Gacha with it. 
it was October 2014. 

We kept it till the winter started. and then my first ARCADE discovered. that was a time when i got my first IDOL. since then and till the end of times i am 8f8 most great fan! this was truly love from the first sight. never stop burning.   

How do u think is it possible to make true Winter on the beach? make it so it can be trully felt? honestly i am huge Winter lover. and i thought its not possible. tell it to Mozz. she is the most impossibles breaker i've ever known! we even got a place for skating! with MishMish penguins :)))

And to hang out with comfortable and warm from every side 8f8 items from His Winter ARCADE collection. 

Our pond really freezed!

January was the month of great found. we became the family of three. Idris joined us at our Second lives. 

Usually life changes a bit when Man appears to be somewhere near. but... it didn't. much :)) i believe the life which changed was His :)

Spring began with another huge RARE Scarlet Creative house. i got my own room to decorate, Mozz made her own and we filled our space with favourite things. 

The moment we set it down it became obvious how much different people we r. our living spaces appeared to be almost decor opposite to each other. but... surprisingly matching like two sides of one coin. 

The thing Mozz makes God-like is outside space. i don't even try to get there still. i am learning and documenting every new experience she provides to our parcel. maybe one day... maybe one... day.

From April to June our parcel was simply and amazingly oriental! Fameshed and Xiyasumi School Festival arrived and bring two great surprises form 8f8 at once! Koi Pond collection and awesome Japanese House fulfilled with great domestic details.

If u ever watched THE LOVER directed by Jean Jacques Annaud u will totally recognize the look! outfit was inspired by that film. 

Water is the symbol of life. Close to summer Mozz wanted some water. and she made it. half of our parcel was drown. use the bridge or welcome to the boat :)

8f8 - Serene Sanctuary - Koi House RARE
Apple Fall - RARE Temple, Arcade, December 2014

Once in May it was a Wedding. and we both were the best guests. and our land had an honor to become a place for Proposal. 

For wishing Love and Care was made a beautiful and a very special place for a special friend. 

Zigana - Pots and Plants - Garden Shed RARE, Arcade, March 2014
New Arcade arrived in March and inspired for wonderful idea to turn to India style. Zaara got its Jodhspur collection but we missed the RARE house. soooo just tried to reacreate the collection soul with what we got.

Lots of romance and sincere talks happened here. the place itself was breathing with it.

That was really one of the most intresting locations. cause it consisted from few different decor zones. ttere was indian style house, garden corner with shed, romantic-dreaming corner, beach place with bridge to sit and even the swing! 
all in one! 

everybody just found a place to spend according to their own mood. and a place called HOME.

If u ask me i would say tha Idris from all home styles we have loved this one the most. maybe because of the swing. yeah... mostly because of it i guess :)) for some weird reason Man love swings. always.

Ionic - La Vie de Boheme RARE, All the leaves r gone Common
Summer is  the time to spend on air. so the big houses were left for Autumn and our land belonged to nature. 
Hideki - Wooden Bear, Commoner - Swing
And swings of course. where would it be without it? 

Summerfest fulfilled our summer mood with Dust Bunny Beach decor collection with chairs and table hanging in the air. Lots of designers later tried to recreate and repeat that idea in their decor items but... this one was and still is the best one!

Aww... summer... summer...

On 11th of August Mozz turn our parcel into Birthday party Heaven! 

I really think it was the best birthday party i had in my life...

September Chapter four hit my head with Ane Marrocan set and idea how to make it all Marrocan! 

And now we came back again to the light Autumn and light small house. with the wonderful feeling of really awesome adventures and some sweet nostalgie. 

We put our nostalgie in our heart. and put it on the wall. to remember, to laugh, to watch and to inspire. 

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